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OP: Battle of Odessa
Friday July 7th, 2017 4:00PM
Field: Special AON/A
(See game details or official game site)Cost: $200BB Type: Any
Official Site: www.simtac.caRegistration Deadline: 2017-02-28

Hey Guys,
Posting up here as I realized that not all players from Red Dawn and other provinces know that tickets went on sale about 10 days ago for OP: Odessa.

Game will be held in Kamloops BC on the same AO that Red Dawn was held on. Those of you that played in RD the camping locations are now closer to the field and the whole AO of 200+ acres are in play.

This years games included both wheeled and tracked technical's, 7 foot tall hobby rockets as part of the finale mission, $5000+ in prizes and 2 nights/2 days of a real milsim...

Player cap is set at 300 with 15-30 as overflow and comp'd tickets
Sold and reserved tickets as of this post are at 204.
Entry deadline is set to Feb 28th as prepay ends then however we've been selling 20+ tickets a day so I'm not seeing that as a viable date but it needed to be listed. Prepay code is located on the ticket sales page.

Check out the game here -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/320587808303939/
or here -> www.simtac.ca