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Saturday April 29th, 2017 10:00AM
Field: Prairie Storm Paintballprairiestormpaintball.com
Hwy 1 E, Moose Jaw, SK S0H (Moose Jaw) Map
Cost: $30BB Type: Bio-Degradable

Season Opener at Prairie Storm in Moose Jaw! You don't want to miss this! Prairie Storm has lots of great fields to play on and can supply you for a full day of gaming to go with it. Pick up you bb's, gas, food or drink inside then get back out to shoot your friends!

FPS Rules:
Using .2g bbs, guns shooting under 425 FPS are allowed, snipers that shoot under 475 FPS will also be allowed.

Sniper Rifles shooting over 425 FPS with .2g bbs have a Minimum Engagement Distance of 50 feet. For any distance under 50 feet, a sniper is required to use a secondary weapon. If you are caught breaking MED rules you will be asked to go to respawn and if someone is injured you will not be allowed to continue playing.


But most of all, have fun! Hope to see you all there!