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Saturday August 5th, 2017 11:00AM
Field: Prairie Storm Paintballprairiestormpaintball.com
Hwy 1 E, Moose Jaw, SK S0H (Moose Jaw) Map
Cost: $30BB Type: Any

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Field fee: 30


FPS limit : 420 Fps .

All non DMRbolt action guns is limited to a hard 420 Fps. 400 fps is the goal, and this allows for a bit of fluctuation. Anything over 420 fps that doesn't fall into the DMR or Bolt-Action catagory will not be allowed to be gamed

DMR : 450 FPS with a 50 foot MED.
A semi lockedcan't shoot full auto DMR style weaponsr25, m14, etc will be allowed to shoot up to 450 fps with a 50 foot minimum engagement distance. In order to game a DMR, a sidearm or secondary must be used as well for under 50 feet engagements.

Bolt action rifles: 500 FPS with a 100 foot MED.
In order to use a bolt action over 420 fps you must game it with a secondary weapon, and abide by a strict 100 foot minimum engagement distance.

For the safety of everyone on the field we will be strictly enforcing the MED and secondary rules with DMR's and Bolt Actions province wide. Anyone found breaking these rules will be issued a formal warning. And on repeat offences the offender will be limited to 420 fps rules in every game at every field in Saskatchewan

If you do not shoot .2g bbs, you can find a coversion chart showing the FPS and joule limits for every weight of bb here: comnotesregina-airsoftfps-limits-by-bb-weight1568821060106237

Kill rag or blinker is a great thing to have!



Safety is very important in this sport! No one wants to lose an eye! All guns MUST be :

Discharged before entering the safe zone That means mag out and a few shots on semi

No dry firing in the safe zone, if you need to check something out or test something, go outside the zone!

fingers off the trigger! Basic gun safety! Treat every gun like it is loaded.

If you have the drop on someone you can "Bang Bang" them instead of shooting them, but they don't have to be accepted, so bang bangs don't mean you killed someone unless they called themselves out

Game Owners will go over these rules before the game.

Three strikes you're out! If you have to be reminded a third time about the safety rules you will be asked to leave for the day, and if it happens again you will be banned. We shouldn't have people not feeling safe in the SAFE Zone!