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Q: Is there a number of players that need to show up for games to take place?
A: Typically no. Unless you are the only one that shows up most times there are enough to play. Even on holidays the turn outs while smaller are enough to have good games.

*One exception may be games in Regina at Paintball Paradise.
Q: Why is my email or phone number being removed from posts?
A: Posting emails attracts spam bots that among other things perpetuates spam, phishing attacks and exploits.

Posting email and phone numbers also bypass the system that while kept private will have a record of contacts for users should problems arise.
Q: What do the present links do?
A: When adding a game if you have made a preset it will be listed above the game inputs. Clicking on it auto fills the form so once a present is made making new games is as simple as clicking the desired preset and adding a date and time. You can also use the repeat functions to turn your preset into an entire season of regular games.
Q: What is the Official Site input for?
A: When someone selects Limited as the Open To option (Milsim or Historical Re-Enactment) they will be given an input to add the official website/URL for players to register, pay, read rules and scenario information.
Q: What are the Repeating Options for?
A: Clicking this will display the options to make adding repeating events simple. This allows you to add a repeating game through the duration of the season without having to add every game individually.
Q: What is the Repeat Mode for?
A: This allows you to denote if a game should repeat weekly or bi-weekly.
Q: What is the Repeat Until Date input for?
A: The system will place a game on the day of the original game date until the Repeat Until Date. This means rather than having to manually add a game every Sunday you can add one game and have the system automatically repeat it every Sunday until your Repeat Until Date with no extra work.
Q: Can I add more information, game rules and details to my post that aren't specified by the form?
A: Yes you can add any information not indicated by the form in the Game Details section.

If you feel there are critical details or options omitted from the main form please Contact Me and let me know.
Q: Is Airsoft expensive?
A: It can be, but it can also be done on a very meager budget. Most games only cost about $20 and ammunition depending on how you play can cost $20-$60 a year so it can be very affordable.

If you follow the 3 main items I talk about in my New Players Guide you can get out and playing for around $300 but the sky is the limit if you can afford more.
Q: Does Airsoft hurt?
A: This is a hard question to answer since everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. I think most players would say no or at least certainly not enough to make them stop playing. Where you get shot also contributes a lot to the sensation of pain someone might feel but there is also protective gear to guard players from excessive pain or injury.
Q: BB Type
A: Choose between Bio-Degradable and Non-Biodegradable BB's.
Q: A) What does the "Open To" setting denote?

B) How can I cancel a posted game due to circumstance changes such as weather or lack of interest or mark a game with limited players as full?
A: A) This tells you if and who can play at the posted game.

Options are:

Public -open to anyone with no set limit

Limited -capped min/max players requires pre-pay and registration Typically a Milsim or Historical Re-Enactment.

Sold Out -option for Limited games once max players have registered

Cancelled -game cancellation due to a Limited game not meeting necessary attendance, host is unable to play, weather or other circumstances have made the game impractical

B) Open your post for editing and find the "Open To" section near the bottom of the page. From there select "Cancelled" or "Sold Out" from the drop down menu and update the posting.

Q: How do I set the game start time?
A: Simply select the time (in 24 hour format) from the drop down menu.
Q: How do I set my game date?
A: Type in the game date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD eg. 2014-06-22 for June 22nd 2014.
Q: What is the age limit to play
A: There are no formal age limits to play Airsoft. There are some caveats and exceptions to that though. Kids should be responsible, adhere to the safety standards and parents must be present to sign any legal waivers. Some fields may have age limits for insurance reasons. Contact the field you or your children will be playing at to check if any restrictions exist.