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Q: Is Airsoft safe?
A: Airsoft is safe if you play on fields with safety measures in place and with people whom adhere to safety standards.

Like anything it can be dangerous. Driving a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous but millions of people do it every day with a great degree of safety and success...however accidents can and do happen. At work, driving, playing football and in Airsoft.

If you are new ask game staff to explain the safety measures in place. Things you need to know to be safe and how to protect yourself from injury.

Never be afraid to bring unsafe behaviors to the attention of game staff.

As a community we try to ensure the safety and fun of all involved in our sport. Just be aware accidents happen and jerks can ruin anything for anyone anywhere at any time.
Q: What is the age limit to play
A: There are no formal age limits to play Airsoft. There are some caveats and exceptions to that though. Kids should be responsible, adhere to the safety standards and parents must be present to sign any legal waivers. Some fields may have age limits for insurance reasons. Contact the field you or your children will be playing at to check if any restrictions exist.
Q: Is there a number of players that need to show up for games to take place?
A: Typically no. Unless you are the only one that shows up most times there are enough to play. Even on holidays the turn outs while smaller are enough to have good games.

Saskatchewan games are not put on by fields so things are more hit and miss here. There is no regularity or consistency like in other parts of the country or world.

Regina games would be a major caution as they are extremely small if at all. 8 players is a big game in Regina, 40 to 60 is more the norm for Saskatoon games.
Q: Is Airsoft expensive?
A: It can be, but it can also be done on a very meager budget. Most games only cost about $20 and ammunition depending on how you play can cost $20-$60 a year so it can be very affordable.

You can get out and playing for around $300 but the sky is the limit if you can afford more. For example you can buy very decent guns for $150 with magazines, battery and more. Toss in BB's for $20, Eye Protection for $35+ (best to not skimp on your eyes) and you're set!

One caution is while $150 can buy you a very good base gun, there is also a lot of garbage for that price. Do your homework before buying. Nothing sucks worse than showing up to a game and finding out you bought a crappy gun when everyone else has better. Some of my best guns are $150 USD and outperform many/most guns pushing $600.

G&G guns are everywhere in Canada but I'd caution against them. Cyma is a exponentially better brand at all price points with a vast array of choices.
Q: Does Airsoft hurt?
A: This is a hard question to answer since everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. I think most players would say no or at least certainly not enough to make them stop playing. Where you get shot also contributes a lot to the sensation of pain someone might feel but there is also protective gear to guard players from excessive pain or injury.