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Classic Games
Salt N Peppa (PUSH)
In this game 5 locations are chosen in as liner a path as the field will allow. Teams are divided equally and one team denoted as defending and the other as attacking. Attacking team players will each be given a single balloon of their color. Defenders can respawn at any location where a balloon has not been placed. Attackers must drive the defenders back and inflate and place a balloon at the provided box/clip location for each push point/location. Balloons can not be preinflated and defenders can not pop them to retake an area. When all 3 center locations have fallen to a team resupply switch sides and go again.

Infinite respawns
Game can time this game to limit stalemates

Spawn Bomb
Choose 2 locations on the field a good distance apart. Each team will place an airhorn on a balloon box a short ways out from their spawn. All players have infinite respawns but the goal is to hit the opposing teams airhorn effectively destroying their spawn to win. Airhorns are away from actual spawn to prevent one team from stopping them from spawning without actually winning. If they can sneak around or get close enough to "detonate" the airhorn bomb they win.

Infinite respawns
Game can time this game to limit stalemates

Choose 2 locations on the field a good distance apart with a clear 3rd location between the two. The two furthest point are the team spawns. Place two egg timers (alarm/bomb) in the center field location one color for each team. Set the timers for 5 minutes. Each team must fight to demo (run down their timer/bomb) the area. First team to make their timer alarm wins. If a team has started their timer but are pushed back by the other team the other team can pause/stop their alarm but not reset/defuse it.

Infinite respawns
Game can time this game to limit stalemates

Special Forces Games
For these games a MINIMUM of 12 players and 6 distinct field locations are required!

Team Creation

For each game teams are as follows. Everyone puts their name or call sign into a hat. Take total players and divide by 4. For the purpose of illustration we will say 14 players are attending. This means the SF team is mathmatically 3.5. Since this is impossible the game maker needs to assess if there are excess OpFor players. In this example there are 2 extra OpFor players that can not make a complete “squad” for OpFor. It is recommended you use the extra players to pad the SF team. The basic idea is to make 4 squads. 3 of those 4 are on team OpFor and 1 of those 4 are the Special Forces team.

Now we have an SF team of 4 and OpFor of 10. OpFor must now section off into teams of 3 or 4. Which can be decided by the number of objectives in play but must not be more than the SF team. These examples use numbers that do not dive evenly to cover the more complex decision making. Evenly dividing teams will be straight forward.

Target locations will need substantial separation so there is time and cover for both teams situationally. Objectives must be placed in plain sight of the given location. If the location is in a building this means objects or HVT must be clearly visible through doors or windows.


Several items make up the objective target list.
- ballons
- briefcase
- air horn (exFill target/train hit/Car truck horn)
- alarm/bomb (timer)
- alarm (magnetized)

Balloons of specific color for assassination are good for “Hidden Strike Roulette” SF is told pop the yellow balloon. They must find the yellow and pop it. OpFor will not know yellow is the target and may or may not have persistent defense set for that target. Other items can be a brief case (intel), balloon for an HVT, dollar store magnetized alarms for sabotaging a power station and so on. Which objectives are used are based on the game and what is randomly drawn from the game “hat.”

Objectives that can be chosen are:
- balloon for HVT assassination (balloon must be popped)
- balloon for colored target (balloon must be popped)
- briefcase for intel snatch/grab/retreat (SF must carry back to spawn/exfill)
- balloon for VIP/Escort (attach to player) (balloon must be popped)
- Airhorn for improvised transport/exfill or train demo


Recce N Roll
In this game there will be 6 to 8 locations on the field where objectives can placed. An objective will be drawn from the game “hat.” OpFor can now take the objective and choose in secret on which of the 6-8 locations to place the objective.

Once the objective has been placed OpFor must assign each of their teams of 4 to as many of the objective locations as possible.

The game requires SF to recce locations and find at which of the locations is their objective, complete it and exfil (return to spawn).

No respawns

Hidden Strike Roulette
Opfor are given 2 more objectives than they have teams to watch. For the purpose of the example attending 14 player game this means if OpFor chose to split into teams of 3 you will have 5 locations with legitimate targets. If they have split into teams of 4 you will have 6 targets. Incomplete fireteams are still a team. They can be used to cover a single target or patrol. OpFor will place each objective on one of the 6 – 8 locations in plain sight.

SF are given a randomly drawn target. They must find this target and complete the objective. Objective completion depends on which objective was drawn.

No respawns!

VIP / Escort
In this game OpFor must choose a single location to place an Airhorn. A balloon will be attached to the front of a SF team player. SF has been given word there is improvided transport somewhere in the area. SF must scout and move with the VIP trying to avoid hardened positions and patrolls to find the improvised transport.

Game win is when the VIP balloon has been popped by OpFor or the horn has been sounded by SF.

**note if there are team inbalances such as non even dividing attendance one of the extra OpFor can be switched to SF as the VIP.

No respawns


All game ideas can be tweaked. For example you could put the magnetized alarm in the briefcase so that once it's been removed an alert will take place. Game host can make alterations to how uneven team divides are done based on known player skill levels. Alternate explanation or scenario backgrounds can be made up or new games made by altering the number of specific types of objective materials. These are simply guide lines to effective game play and the materials required affordable and freely available or improvised from the dollar store.